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Friday, May 9, 2014

The Heat that Melted Winter Away

                     After all this time I think I've decided my favorite sound is the sound of cars driving over wet pavement and the satisfying *whoosh* it makes as it continues down the road. It's such a simple  sound, but it feels peaceful and relaxing and it shows me that winter does have an end, and that snow is not all there is in this life.
                    We did have our first warm day yesterday, it reached about 85. Hadn't seen that kind of weather since September, and of course we had our tennis tournament outside all day. And of course I didn't wear sunscreen, and of course I got burned to a crisp. And of course I decided to wear a dress that fabulously showed off my burn lines. My skin is scorching but my body is freezing.
                    With the warmer weather comes the spring fever, I want it to be summer, I want to be outside, I want to see my friends, my boyfriend and have free time. Mostly, I want to go to camp, I miss it so much it's ridiculous. I miss the songs, the dances, the people. Sadly, Im not working up there this summer, I have a job down here at a movie theater where I'll be working for a lot of the summer.

Summer, be good <3

Sunday, August 18, 2013

This Summer

Yes. I realize it isn't over. But there's only two weeks left, and most of my summer activities are done.
I worked at summer camp with people I love. And I also spent time with friends and family. But not much.
I was gone a lot, out of the twelve/thirteen weeks of summer, I was gone about 7 weeks, whether it was at Mystic or Band Camp.
At Mystic I met a lot of really cool people, campers and the counselor's I worked with. Being in a different perspective being someone who worked with people who had been my counselor and getting to know them better. I could be myself, and no one actually judged me, and I could be weird, and people would be weird back, and weird would be normal. It was one of the best summer's I've ever had.
But at the banquet I realized that some people that are important to me, I am not important to them. At home I have three or four friends that probably think I'm important to them. And they care about me, and want to hang out with me. But at camp everyone was saying how they only have friends at camp and they mean the world to them, but for me it's the exact opposite.
I found myself standing around looking awkward, holding plates of food for people who were taking pictures of each other, or I was the one taking the pictures of other people. And I wasn't in the staff picture, and everyone had inside jokes with everyone else, and I found myself feeling less and less important, and that I didn't make an impact on anyone else, except for my own personal experiences. Which may or may not be true, because no one ever comes up to you and says "YOURE IMPORTANT TO ME."
Although I wish they did.
But basically that was all I had to say, I had this all planned out to be really long and inspirational or something, but as usual, my stuff doesn't turn out like that. It always turns out like a bunch of thoughts put together that dont really mean anything. But yeah anywayssss~

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Anything Goes came and went. Taking most of my free time with it. Countless rehearsals, spending more of my time at school than at home. Dragging my tap shoes and tennis racket back and forth. Forgetting to bring extra food for later, and kicking myself because now I'm gonna starve.
Any normal person wouldn't want to stay at school until 10 o clock at night to put up with the difficult choreographers, brief breaks, foot blisters, the crazy cast.
We had our problems and we fought and Charles even left screaming and punching stuff, enough to bust his knuckles up. But we also laid on each other on the dusty auditorium stage listening to notes. And we had girls nights, where we vented our complaints about rehearsals. We laughed we cried, we danced we sang our hearts out.
The show was this weekend, and it was marvelous. Friday was crazy, we got there and our hair was done, and everyone had the opening night jitters. There were nervous smiles every where, people in the back hall practicing their tap steps one last time, going over their lines. The entire place smelling like food. Lots of goofing around and laughing, those 3 hours seemed to crawl by. We were so excited. We even all got into costume two hours early. We warmed up, we stretched, we were all ready by 7.
Then we were on lock down, and it was the strangest feeling. We felt trapped, but in a good way. It was all we could keep from running out of the back hall doors and looking at all the people walking in to come see us. And we were all in our places 15 minutes before curtain. All of our props were set. We were ready.
Our energy was amazing, and a lot of people showed up.
And that night, a few of the girls after the show went to Amber's house to spend the night until the next show.
We went to Denny's at 1 in the morning, and Maggie and the angels sang Manhattan in the restaurant for the waitress and the customer's. :)
Saturday was much the same, but there were mess ups. Much like Kinney said, Saturday was to be our worst show. Not to say it wasn't still good. There were a few improvisation recovers. And it was all in all a still very good show.
That was by FAR the best show. We were so bittersweet about everything. All the seniors were leaving, our main characters. And they were sad it was their very last show, so of course they wanted to make it their best show yet! And that they did! The crowd was quite responsive and laughed at nearly all the jokes. Everyone sang so well, and all the dances looked amazing. We screamed and cheered when it was over, and we all piled into cars and drove to FlapJack's, where many people got teary eyed over their food. And Maggie sang Blow Gabriel Blow one last time, and we all got up and danced. In the middle of FlapJack's in a space that was not meant for all of us to be swing dancing and singing at the top of our lungs and running back and forth.
Finally we all went home, the main character's carrying their life preserver's with their names on them, some with tears in their eyes.  But I had a smile on my face, because I know that that was by far the best show there ever was. And now the seniors are leaving, the choreographer's leaving, Ms. Brady might not be coming back, and we may not even have a show next year. So it was great we got to go out this year with a bang. :D